A Day In The Life Of A Monkey Servant

Seeking Order in a Chaotic Universe

10 January 1959
I have lived in Phoenix Arizona nearly 20 years. I now consider 90 degrees to be "cool" and 50 degrees to be "freezing." It is a bit embarrassing. Having escaped the heartland in my late twenties, I am delighted to live in a nice suburban neighborhood where people tend to mind their own business, could care less what my religion is, who I voted for, or who spends the night at my house. They don't ask me why I am out walking my property line by the light of the full moon with a candle and a bunch of sage and I don't tell them what color to paint their monster trucks. Now that I've scared off the Jehovah's Witness folks, life is pretty quiet.

I am a retired nurse, a writer, singer, science fiction fan, and a cat lover. I read for pleasure and love mysteries, metaphysical books, and biographies. I have a grown daughter who I get along with beautifully now that we live on separate continents. After raising my daughter as a single parent and vowing never to remarry because my first marriage was about as much fun as a root canal, I found to my surprise that my soul mate had been right under my nose for years disguised as a dear friend. We managed to contrive a wedding that wouldn't totally freak out our mundane families by having a Celtic handfasting in our back yard, complete with Renaissance Faire costumes and music, quarter calls, and broom jumping. We cut our wedding cake with a broadsword, and had a greyhound usher. It was a blast.

We have now settled into domestic bliss with our three fuzzy four-legged children: Hermione, Vicky and Trouble. Their two-legged sister, Eli, currently resides in Wellington, New Zealand with her husband Frank and they make infrequent visits now and then, never staying long enough for us to get on one another's nerves. Eli just got her undergraduate degree from Victoria University and works at the Wellington City and Sea Museum. Frank works for the German Embassy, and yes, he is German. We will be visiting them in Middle Earth in February of 2008. My husband will be very disappointed to find that there are no Hobbits there, but I think we will enjoy ourselves just the same.

Casa De Chatworthy is grand central station for all manner of odd visitors of the two and four legged variety. We like to entertain and host several housefilks a year. My husband is active in the SCA, and we are both veteran Renaissance Faire performers. I retired from work in 2001, sidelined by psoriatic arthritis. I spend a good portion of my day doing what I have always done, but ten times slower with frequent rest breaks. At one time in my life I was a prolific writer of Star Trek fan fiction and some of my work is archived on the Orion Press website. In the 1990's I became a filk performer as one of the Duras Sisters, and more recently a Harmony Heifer and have recorded three albums: Masquarading As Human, Rubenesque, and Harmony Heifers.

These days I dabble half-heartedly at an unfinished novel, revel in the domestic arts, and spend as much time as humanly possible submerged in water. This puzzles the fuzzy children, who prefer their monkey servants dry and available for various small tasks. To mollify them I usually take an afternoon nap.